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Often the participation of attorneys as defenders in criminal proceedings by appointment is that the basis or maybe
The only source of income is, therefore, figuratively speaking, they “stand in line” for such situations. during this regard, there’s a significant problem within the delay in paying the salaries of lawyers participating in criminal proceedings by appointment. Unfortunately, this problem is systemic. In many of the constituent entities of our country, there are huge debts that are purchased the work of attorneys, prosecutors, magistrates and other administrations. This cannot help but determine the standard of legal aid provision.
An important point should be noted, which is that the responsibility for determining which lawyer are going to be appointed within the case and to what extent the wages are going to be paid rests with the prosecution and therefore the court. Accordingly, we will conclude that this fact initially results in the emergence of monetary dependence on the lawyers involved within the cases of appointment, to financial dependence on the state mechanism for prosecution , and to push a number of them to “cooperate” with the investigation. Therefore, the legislator must review this mechanism.
The problem into account must be resolved, first of all, by the state, also as by the whole legal profession . it’s become ironic that the standard of the supply of free legal aid by the state is disorganized. Standard laws that outline the procedure and amount of remuneration for the activities of hiring attorneys don’t state requirements for the standard of labor they perform. Therefore, it are often concluded that the state, which hires lawyers on a non-competitive basis, pays just for their formal participation. Unfortunately, there’s no desire on the a part of the state to receive high-quality legal services, which ultimately results in manifestations of arbitrariness and inefficiency in providing free legal aid.
Special measures are being put in situ to combat the “pocket lawyer”. The bar has begun to develop unified standards for the legal profession, by which the work of defenders everywhere are often assessed. Experts believe that clear and uniform requirements across the country will make it impossible for lawyers who are familiar with add coordination with the investigation. The Council of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers has established a special commission which will study the regions’ experience in combating “pocket attorneys”. the simplest practices are going to be disseminated across the country, also as preparing an idea for a universal computer virus capable of severing permanent contact between the investigator and therefore the designated advocate.
In many areas they struggle to interrupt this link, for the sake of which they create electronic queues.

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