Benefits of online insurance

More and more insurance is being taken online in Germany. Business is booming and more and more new policies are often taken online. Now it should be the primary insurance online. Our article provides a market overview, explains the advantages of online insurance and explains what consumers got to search for before purchasing.
The number of policyholders choosing a policy online has been increasing rapidly since 2013: there have been 2.59 million people in Germany who took insurance online. only one year later, there have been already 2.95 million people and in 2016 4.53 million people. the very fact is that the model is becoming more and more popular. Property insurance is obtainable totally on the network, like available on Schutzklick, for instance for expensive recreational electronics, vehicles, home items , and garden tools.
Insurance are often obtained with just a couple of clicks and entering some personal information. Home contents and private insurance also can be found online. But the borders are being expanded more and more: now, consistent with the overall newspaper Frankfurter, in Berlin start-up Getsurance has launched the primary digital social insurance foundation. The provider even wants to perform a risk assessment online, which is different from previous insurance companies.
Health insurance will soon become fully digital, a minimum of that is the vision of the Munich start-up Otunova: they need to make their first purely digital private insurance , and that they recently received another 10 million euros from the insurer in Koblenz, Debeka for this project. With this, the corporate wants permission from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bafin). this is often mandatory for Ottonova to be ready to enter into contracts with customers and need high reserves.

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