What a lawyer shouldn’t tell the client

Tell firm partners and celebrity attorneys why it’s impossible to talk confidently about winning or losing a case 100%, what are often promised to the client and what’s not, the way to respond if the result of the case appears to be worse than expected, and the way to properly suggest better tactics than Former attorneys, and where is that the line between ethical behavior and unfair competition.
It is essential to tell managers in the maximum amount detail as possible about all risks, including the advisability of getting to court, and sometimes to the detriment of their own interests. Because if the risks aren’t disclosed to the manager, and can come, the attorneys are going to be accused of lack of professionalism. At an equivalent time, albeit all the warnings are within the agreement, and therefore the case is clearly not entirely promising, the client will eventually say: “The attorney or firm i’m handling has lost the case to other lawyers from another firm .” it’s forbidden to require such cases in our company for reasons of reputation.
“We cannot promise that we’ll solve the case in your favor, because we see things only from one side, we’ve only considered your evidence – briefly , the circumstances of the case are completely unknown. Moreover, the court is independent and that we cannot influence it. we will offer you the guarantee. the sole one: that we’ll protect your interests with professionalism and conscientiousness. “
When resorting to attorneys, the client expects to listen to that he’s right, that everything is in accordance together with his documents, which everything are going to be fine. But it’s unethical to inform him only what he wants to listen to , because the truth could also be different. At now we lose the competition with unscrupulous colleagues, whose goal is to “turn a client into a contract”, promising everything, including “resolving problems in court”. These bogus advisors from the bar do enormous damage to our entire industry.

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