Which is better: a lawyer or a lawyer without capacity

It seems that everything is official, everything consistent with the Federal Law “On the Lawyership and therefore the Legal Profession” and within the overall line of the “party”, but it’s always inconsistent when things is like the advantage of the customer.

The opinion of the legal profession is interesting, or even I should not be thinking badly.
Not all lawyers have a better legal education, including not all lawyers: There are quite few out-of-date lawyers after police high schools (legal highs). Typical scenario: he worked as an investigator, after retirement he became a lawyer, and he is not his first decade.
For defense in criminal cases, attorney status isn’t always mandatory: victims’ representatives can dispense with it, and within the case of “Mirovushki” without the capacity of a lawyer, the defendant also can be defended. 3. Having additional requirements for a lawyer isn’t always another advantage for his client. Personally, I don’t possess the status of a lawyer nor do I represent the interests of the victim, “expelling” the lawyer of the opposite side from the criminal proceedings on the grounds that he once defended the interests of my clients. The interests of the space aren’t an equivalent because the interests of the client in the least . and therefore the attorney relies more on the space than on the person posing for help.
Being on the verge of fraud is additionally the rule for a lawyer. within the absence of the hostile nature of the criminal process, payment for the services of a client attorney is, in and of itself, a payment for misleading the hope of the defense.
Taking money to urge help, which is basically impossible to supply , is more typical for an attorney than an attorney without status: the attorney must be paid to take care of the status. Lawyer costs are higher, therefore the need for money is bigger . Officially, there’s no problem portraying the activity because the useless actions of any sane lawyer, especially for an experienced attorney. Complaining about attorney’s inaction then is pointless.

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