Pros and cons of being a lawyer

Working as a lawyer is extremely interesting. This specialist is multidisciplinary, as he must understand many areas.
Lawyer features a number of advantages:
Knowledge of laws and other legal procedures, which helps in difficult situations
Free agenda and skill to arrange workload
Continuous self-improvement
The ability to get high profits and have interaction within the private sector will exercise
High responsibility, because decisions that affect the fate of an individual
Dependence of income on the amount (solvency) of clients, the character of the case, and therefore the results of a court or administrative unit decision
Constant psychological pressure: A specialist that needs special care, accuracy in details, accuracy in details
And the possibility of conflict with the customer when he’s not satisfied with the result

If you’re not scared of the shortcomings of the profession, you’re sociable, stress resistant, and resourceful, then the profession of a person’s rights defender is yours.
What does it fancy become a lawyer? it’s not enough to possess a academic degree . In time, the specialist must quickly find solutions that determine the result of the case. Therefore, he must have a developed mind, rhetorical abilities and rapid reaction. Openness to new knowledge, an excellent sense of responsibility, and a flawless appearance also are important characteristics of a lawyer.

To achieve success , an individual must be versed in legislation. A specialist in criminal cases is required to possess knowledge of the legal code , within the administration – the law of administrative offenses, also as those laws, the violation of which is attributed to the client.
The lawyer must remember of all the changes within the legislative regulations, to understand the position of the Supreme Court and therefore the European Court of Human Rights in one direction or another.

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