Why does a corporation attorney need the status of a lawyer

In the interest of the business owner. Another situation during which a lawyer may request the status of a lawyer is said to the organization’s management desire to possess a specialist “on hand” who can protect not only the interests of the corporate , but also respond quickly within the event of private persecution from its senior officials.
However, actually , the effect of this type of labor as a lawyer is quite negative. “A narrow specialization is nearly mandatory within the bar . For a lawyer who has experience working exclusively within the field of civil law, which may be a very huge field in itself, the practice of legal code and criminal procedure is absolutely“ unknown land. ”Therefore, the firm’s attorney will never be ready to Of productively performing the function of attorney-general of the Director-General, who is suspected, for instance , of deliberate action to not pay taxes from the organization or the other crime, ”said the President of Moscow Legal Agency, Director of the Institute for Legal Nihilism Research Professor Edward Cheken. consistent with him, the attorneys-attorneys during this case would create a particular illusion of safety for business owners.
“In our practice, instances of interaction with corporate attorneys are very rare. These are only available in very large companies, like oil companies. In such companies, the creation of their own“ personnel ”of attorneys is warranted, as long as the workings of those structures are complex, multifaceted and need a response. Prompt, loyalty and adherence to legal ethics regarding the business and therefore the interests of senior managers and owners, “noted Edward Chaiken.

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