Why study in China?

Today, China is one of the most dynamic developing countries in the world, which has a significant impact on operations
global economic and political. Mechanical engineering, computer technology, electronics, nuclear industry, nuclear energy, trade, science – China is actively developing these and many other areas, acquiring more and more new markets.
Much attention is also paid in China to the education and training of qualified professionals. The Chinese government annually increases funds for education. The system of higher education in China, thanks to successive reforms, has improved significantly and continues to develop actively. New curricula are introduced in universities, opening up new faculties and required majors, such as nuclear energy, automation, energy resources, nuclear physics, oceanography and others. The laboratories are equipped with the latest equipment and the latest technology.
China’s higher education system includes universities, colleges, and vocational high schools. Most universities and colleges operate under the supervision of the country’s Ministry of Education.
The number of higher education institutions in China is very large – more than a hundred. A number of educational institutions in China are among the top two hundred of the best and most influential universities in the world, confirming the decent quality of education in this country. Higher education institutions in China have a specific specialization. There are technical, educational, linguistic and other institutes. Universities differ from each other in the subject of courses and teaching methods.
For example, after the eleventh grade, Russian students can study at Beijing University of Science and Information Technology in the Faculty of Economics and Management in one of the most prestigious disciplines: accounting, financial management, project management, human resource management, and market sales economics.
Or obtain the required profession of business translator at Beijing Institute of Youth Policy in the College of Chinese Language and Culture with a degree in Chinese Business Administration.
Chinese is the most widely spoken language on the planet, spoken by more than a billion people. In the foreseeable future, Chinese will become the same international language of communication as English. The demand for specialists with knowledge of the Chinese language will be actively increasing. Moreover, the Chinese language is the key to the eastern languages ​​- Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese. Knowing not one language, but many rare languages ​​will greatly expand your career opportunities.
There is no age limit in China. People of different ages from 18 to 40 can study in one group, and many come to university, having already worked for further growth. Therefore, studying in China can interest not only graduates, but also the elderly. For you, this can be the beginning of a completely new life: with new connections, a new career, new hobbies and a new environment. You will be able to significantly expand your circle of acquaintances, make friends, create useful contacts that will be useful to you in the future.

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